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Once you’ve had your fill of the Farmer’s Market, pick up a coffee or a bowl of suro to-go, and walk north 10 minutes to the Olympic Sculpture Garden.

This free, outdoor venue is relatively new– and offers a 30-45 minute opportunity to enjoy both art and fresh air. There are plenty of places to sit and take in the view.

Even if you don’t make it to the Olympic Sculpture Garden, look around as you walk the blocks close to the hotel– art abounds in public spaces on each and every block (even the base on some of the cross walk signs is ornate…).


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Most people think Nordstrom started in San Francisco. Not so.

At 6th and Pike you’ll the Nordie’s Flagship store– and, of course, you’ll also find service that is second to none.

Even if you’re not buying, walking the store and watching the way staff interact with guests will remind you of the great impact that good service can have on customer perceptions of a brand.

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Seattle and coffee go hand in hand. In this land of “a Starbuck’s on every corner”, we asked some locals where the very BEST Seattle coffee could be found. Hands down, they said it’s at Cafe Vivace.

Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of downtown Seattle, Cafe Vivace is reputed to have some of the best espresso in the world (yes, that includes Italy–!).

Cafe Vivace is about a 15 minute walk from the Sheraton (ask the concierge for a walking map and directions). They are open into the evening so head there tonight (it’s near this evening’s group dinner location), or try this cafe tomorrow morning to jump start your day. The link below provides more information on this special place.


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